UH-OH: Venezuela Blocks Effort to Recall President Maduro


This is bad news on a political level as it suggests that Venezuela has truly drifted into a dictatorship but there are other aspects which are even more pressing.

The people of Venezuela are starving and as history has taught us, very bad things happen when people are starving.

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Anger grows as Venezuela blocks effort to recall president

In what critics blasted as the latest efforts of an embattled government to quash dissent, Venezuela’s electoral council derailed efforts to recall President Nicolas Maduro, and a judge ordered eight prominent opposition leaders not to leave the country, a move that could presage their arrests.

Dissatisfaction with Maduro’s government is widespread due to ongoing scarcities of food, triple-digit inflation and rising violent crime. A report to be issued Monday by Human Rights Watch is expected to show alarming increases in infant and maternal fatalities in Venezuelan hospitals due to shortages of medical supplies and equipment.

Maduro has responded to dissent with increasingly autocratic measures, including moves to weaken the opposition-controlled National Assembly. Experts have described those moves as unconstitutional.

Those criticisms were leveled again Friday, a day after the National Electoral Council indefinitely suspended the collection of signatures intended to force a recall election to force Maduro from office…

Henry Ramos Allup, president of the National Assembly in which opposition deputies represent a majority, said on social media Friday that Venezuela is “living in a dictatorship that is the product of a continuing coup d’etat.”

Isn’t socialism grand?

The ironic part is that Venezuela has oil.

They could be a very wealthy and well-fed country.

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