Trump “Think Different” Rainbow Posters Pop Up in San Francisco on National Coming Out Day

Guest post by Jay Stone:


Trump “Think Different” Rainbow Posters Pop Up in San Francisco on National Coming Out Day

San Francisco, CA October 11, 2016 — Posters appeared across San Francisco this morning showing rainbow-colored versions of the iconic Apple logo. But instead of promoting the iPhone 7, these posters featured the silhouette of Donald J. Trump and the words “Think Different.”

The posters were most prominent in San Francisco’s Castro District. They were also photographed at Divisadero & Haight, Divisadero & Page, Market & 7th St, across from Twitter headquarters at Market & Fell, and near the HRC’s offices on Castro Street.

Last month black-and-white version of these posters appeared in Hollywood and other parts of Los Angeles.

Today is National Coming Out Day, and the artist group known only as “Art Wing Conspiracy” emphasized the importance of “culture jamming” using popular symbols and events.

“Trump supporters are the new queers,” said one of the artists. “Many Trump supporters are in the closet, especially in the LGBTQ community. Today, on National Coming Out Day, we encourage these people to come out and stop living a lie. It’s okay to be out as a Trump supporter, even if it’s just to yourself. When you are in the voting booth, no one has to know.”

“The liberal San Francisco community needs to know that there are many Trump supporters among you. We’re here, we’re queer, and you’re just going to have to deal with it.”

“‘For us, ‘Pride’ means being proud of who you are and true to yourself and your beliefs, even if it’s against the mainstream. The gay rights movement taught us this.”

Pictures of the art are being shared across social media on the #NationalComingOutDay and #ThinkDifferent hashtags.

The art follows another culture jamming event that took place in New York City last weekend, the pro-Trump art show known as “#DaddyWillSaveUs.” The show took place at an art gallery in Chelsea and featured art by Milo and Twinks4Trump.

Here are more photos of the posters:


Think Different posters in front of Zeitgeist Bar where two Trump supporters were abused in early October.




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