PRICELESS! Trump Calls Out Hillary Lackey Stephanopoulos During Interview for Donating to Clinton Foundation (VIDEO)

Guest Post by Joe Hoft


Donald Trump and Melania Trump held and interview with George Stephanopoulos from ABC News. Stephanopoulos always tries to come across as some sort of intellectual non-biased journalist but this is far from the truth.

Stephanopoulos worked for the Clintons in the 1990’s and was the White House communications Director from 1992 through 1996.


George also donated to the Clinton Foundation and was noted in WikiLeaks as one of the many media ‘journalists’ doing all they can to get Hillary elected.

But he got Trumped – at the 18 min 40 second mark of the interview he asks Trump if he would have done anything different and Trump’s response was epic.

George Stephanopoulos: When you look back over the sweep of this campaign, going back to last June, is there anything you regret?

Donald Trump: Oh absolutely I would have loved to have done certain things over but you can’t. You can’t. But that’s true in life. I would have loved to have done in life certain things over I guess. And you would have too.

George Stephanopoulos: Give me one.

Donald Trump: You would loved not to have contributed to the Clinton Foundation as an example. There are things you wish you wouldn’t do… But George all you can do is put your head down and move forward.

That was the BEST RESPONSE EVER to that anti-Republican Clinton hack!

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