TRUMP ACCUSER: If He Would Have Kept His Hands on my Chest I might Not have Gotten too upset …Huh?


Jessica Leeds accused a young Donald Trump of groping her in first class on a flight from Dallas to New York City on Braniff Air in 1979.

Leeds said young multimillionaire Trump lifted the armrest to grope her during the flight.

The armrests on Braniff 727s appear to be stationary, they can’t be raised.

She also used lyrics from the Velvet Underground song to describe the alleged “groping.”

Leeds also said if Trump had kept his hands above the waist she might have been ok with it …Huh?

If he would have stuck with the upper part of the body I might not have gotten, I might not have gotten too upset. But when he started putting his hand up my skirt that was it.


Steve Malzberg at NewsMax TV reported:

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