STUNNING PHOTO: Even Press Blows Off Hillary Clinton’s Akron, Ohio Rally

STUNNING PHOTO: Even Press Tires of Hillary–
A bizarre behind the scenes image from the campaign trail was posted Monday that bespoke a lack of interest in the media in covering Democratic Party presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. With just over one month to go until election day, Clinton campaigned in the bellwether state of Ohio, holding rallies in Toledo and Akron. Both Clinton rallies were held in small halls with small crowds as has been her pattern.

What was different on this day was the lack of press interest in reporting on Clinton in person. The month of October in a tight presidential contest like this one usually brings out reporters looking to at least burnish their resumes or finish their election books.

But not for Hillary Clinton.


New York Times reporter Amy Chozick posted a photo to Twitter Monday evening from Clinton’s Akron rally that showed a nearly empty press pen. Chozick lamented the lack of interest by her fellow reporters.

“I’m old enough to remember when reporters chased after Clinton’s van & crammed into her events. Today’s press file:”

In contrast, this writer took photos of last Tuesday’s post-debate rally in Melbourne, Florida by Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump that showed a packed press pen.

“Media pen at @realDonaldTrump Melbourne rally.”

The space behind the camera riser was packed also.

“Florida Today reporter @ByDaveBerman at @realDonaldTrump Melbourne rally.”

With one month until the election, Clinton is drawing small crowds in small halls with little press interest while Trump packs in airport hangars and arenas with thousands of supporters and thousands more outside who can’t get in with an army of reporters covering his rallies. What could it mean?

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