StL Hillary Supporters to Hang and Beat 15 foot Trump Piñata after Sunday Debate

Hillary Supporters will gather on Cherokee street in St. Louis during the Wash U debate tonight.

Hillary supporters will beat a 15 foot Trump Piñata with sticks after the debate.

trump pinata stl

From their press release:

St. Louis, Missouri. In the heart of the most progressive and diverse neighborhood in St. Louis, Yaquis Pizza and Wine Bar is projecting the largest U.S. Presidential “Debate Watch Party” by projecting the debate LIVE on a 2-story building with an expected 30′ x 60′ screen.

Immediately after the debate (estimated 9:30 p.m.), watchers will then take their frustrations and disgust out on the restaurants’ fourth and final, 15’ Piñata/Effigy of Donald J. Trump.

Since September 2015, the owner of Yaquis on Cherokee, which is located in a predominantly immigrant neighborhood, has shown their creativity and ridicule of Donald J. Trump by centering the restaurants’ Mexican heritage and artistic creations of using Paper Mache effigies of the candidate. These larger than life Trump Piñatas were the highlight and hit of two Mexican Independence Day Celebrations and Cinco de Mayo Celebration on Cherokee Street.

“This is our political statement,” says Richard Rodriguez, restaurant owner of Yaquis on Cherokee. He further states, “I see Donald Trump as a dangerous character. From our first effigy of Donald Trump, our goal has always been to get people to think about him and about what he really stands for. We don’t have much power in the greater society versus those like Donald Trump who dominate the airwaves. Therefore, the only weapon we have is ridicule. We are making fun of El Trumpo! This is the only way we know how to make a political statement!”

Yaquis on Cherokee encourages St. Louis to come down and watch the debate. Then, after the debate, watch the patron inspired demise of the Donald Trump effigy.

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