Science Update: Florida Doctor Links ‘Low Testosterone Levels’ to Men Who Support Clinton (Video)

Dr. Dareld Morris

A Florida doctor is under fire after running a controversial commercial linking men who support Hillary Clinton to low testosterone levels.

Via Mike Cernovich:

NBC 2 reported:

It’s a controversial commercial hitting Southwest Florida airwaves.

The doctor says it’s a humorous way to promote his business and also join the political discussion. But some radio listeners aren’t laughing.

“Most are not aware of the effect low T can have on your mental state. For instance your ability to focus and think clearly,” he said.

Dr. Dareld Morris of Morris Medical and Weight Loss Center in Fort Myers is issuing a warning to all men regarding their testosterone levels.

“As a community service, for any guys out there that are thinking of voting for Hillary, I want to offer you a free testosterone test. Let’s see if we can help,” Dr. Morris says in his ad.

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