Rigged Poll? WSJ/NBC Poll with 11 Point Clinton Lead Includes 14 Percent More Obama Voters

The Wall Street Journal-NBC News poll released Sunday morning attempts to bury the campaign of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump going onto the third and final debate with Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton with a poll that gives Clinton a daunting eleven point lead among likely voters, 48% to 37% .

A deep dive in the internals of the poll shows those interviewed voted in 2012 for incumbent Barack Obama 46% to 32% over Mitt Romney.


Screen image via FReeper InterceptPoint.

Obama beat Romney by almost four points in 2012 (3.9% ), meaning the WSJ/NBC poll was padded with 10 percent extra Obama voters.

Also Democrats, including independent leaners, were 44 percent of the sample compared to just 37 percent Republicans including independent leaners. A recent Pew Research poll put the 2016 electorate at 48% Democrat/lean and 44% Republican/lean.

Women were 53 percent of the sample with 47 percent men which was the makeup of the 2012 electorate.

The poll was a joint effort of the Democrat polling firm Hart Research Associates and the Republican polling firm Public Opinion Strategies conducted October 10-13 with “1000 Registered Voters, including 450 respondents with a cell phone only, 42 respondents reached on a cell phone but who also have a landline.”

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