At least 6 Conservative artists were preparing for Saturday’s historic opening.
But Brooklyn gallery cancels after online threats and harassment by gay fascist mob.

Artist Lucian Wintrich says the artists are now scrambling to find another gallery for Saturday’s show.

Gay fascists in New York City organized an online protest to shut down the show.


The gallery owner folded under the pressure and canceled the show this week.

Joe Amrhein
Pierogi Gallery
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** Please let’s make sure this show happens – Please donate here.

Here is Lucian Wintrich announcing the first conservative art show in the nation.

Lucian spoke to The Gateway Pundit tonight about the devastating news. For the record, Lucian’s family fled Poland during World War II.

“First they removed my family from positions of power. My relatives in Poland included doctors, lawyers, and leaders of Polish society. Then they removed us from our homes and our contracts. Then they started killing us. My grandfather was a respected physician. He was a lieutenant in the Polish military. He escaped the fascism and fled to the West. My grandfather would not believe what is happening in America today. It is fascism and it is all coming from the left. This is how people like Hitler took power. They believe it is alright to silence people. If they keep doing things like this we know what comes next.”

Five national artists are flying in for the show.

** Please let’s make sure this show happens – Please donate here.

Here is background on this weekend’s art show.

Lucian Wintrich’s sensual “Twinks4Trump” photographs featured at the Republican National Convention have attracted international attention and outrage within the LBGT community. The series of photographs feature thin, hairless, scantily clad young men wearing “Make America Great Again” hats.

Following the success of Wintrich’s photo series, he has scouted other conservative artists and performers across America to submit additional pieces to the first ever curated conservative art show in America, #DaddyWillSaveUs.

The opening for #DaddyWillSaveUs will be held at 191 North, 14th Street, Brooklyn, New York October 8th startingat 8pm ET.

Headlining speakers and contributors for the opening include outspoken gay conservative Milo Yiannopoulos and Viceco founder Gavin McInnes. Additional contributors include Martin Shkreli, David Angelo, Francis Legge, James O’Keefe, the Godesky Brothers, Jon Proby, Sebastian Sommer, and more.

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