Poster of Video of Beating of Homeless Trump Supporter Changed Description From Hateful to Pious Screed

“Koali Fikator”, the person who filmed and posted the videos of the homeless Black woman being harassed and attacked for protecting Donald Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame changed their comments describing the videos from brief statements that the woman deserved the abuse to a pious, self-serving screed. The Gateway Pundit preserved the original statements. Both are presented below.

This is important as the Drudge Report links directly to Fikator’s third video which means that most people who follow the link will read the pious, self-serving screed without knowing that Fikator was indeed part of the mob and wrote that the woman deserved the attack. They would also not know the contempt that Fikator has for the mentally ill homeless unless they read the original comments preserved by The Gateway Pundit.




Original comments for videos One, Two and Three, respectively:

“As you know by now, Donald Trump’s Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood was vandalized, so this crazy black lady decided to (poorly) exercise her freedom of speech by going to the heart of Hollywood (Hollywood & Highland), right next to Donald’s smashed star, with signs calling Mexicans and blacks motherfuc*ers and saying her candidate was the best, Trump style, as most Trump voters do. She forgot the small detail that Los Angeles is 90℅ latino and after spewing all that hate, someone would get tired of her ass, and exercise their freedom as well… Even the news and TMZ were there, which are the ones we have to thank for crazy people like her, as they’re the reason these nutjobs are coming out of the woods, because they’re given a voice on the nightly news… Smh”


“She is still talking crap about Mexicans, immigrants, blacks, and Hillary Clinton. Mind you, she’s in the heart of immigrant town, Hollywood, surrounded by immigrants. People warned her: “someone will get mad at you for offending them, and no one will help you when that happens…” But, when you are brain washed by Donald Trump, you hear no reason”


“After Bullying Everyone, Trump Supporter gets what she’s been asking for… A Beatdown from a Latina”

Fikator deleted and replaced the hateful statements (and disabled commenting) after Drudge linked to the third video. This is what was posted instead.

UPDATE: I’m getting many questions about the video, concerns about this lady’s health and well being, lots of confusion from people thinking I’m beating someone up, and hateful comments. First of all, let me thank everyone for watching the video. Here are the FACTS:


* If you are truly concerned about this lady, she was fine. After this altercation, we called emergency services (even though people said “let her be” on the video and that “she deserved it for spewing hate”), SHE REFUSED TO BE HELPED, got up, and kept on with her hateful rhetoric, writing a new sign saying: “fuck Mexicans, vote for Trump”

* She was there for at least 3 hours, and most all of the time, it was peaceful, people tried asking her reason for voting for Trump and protecting his star, but it is obvious she wasn’t in “all her senses” , and never really had substance on her thoughts and opinions.

*I got many messages saying: “liberal left is repulsive, scumbags. First of all, I’m not political or Left or Right. I WILL NOT VOTE on this elections, as I don’t believe on any of the candidates. However, these “scumbags” not only tried to help her, bought her food and drink, and some people were actually going to give her money, which we told them not to, as she could spend somewhere else. So food and cards were bought for her.

* I thought it was clear in the video, but if not, here it goes: I DID NOT BEAT THIS HOMELESS WOMAN DOWN. I am behind the camera filming when all of this happened, I am not the person ripping off her signs, nor do I know who that is. That’s not a man, it was a girl, or as far as I could see, if you know what I mean. I understand you might be angry at this, but gear your anger towards the right person. I’m a peaceful person, has always been, and will always be. Once the police arrived, the video was showed and they realized she threw herself on the ground, and did not press charges against that person for ripping her signs up.

* I DO NOT CONDONE violence of any kind, physical or verbal. This lady has all her rights to go out and speak what’s on her mind, being hateful or not. But when you do that, you have to understand that others have the right to respond to you as well.

*I, as a citizen, stand by my video and my right to film this. It happened on a public place, and I have the right to video it. It is not my job to apologize, as I did nothing wrong. I will not pull this video down or be afraid of your threats and of you sharing my personal information online, because I have done nothing wrong, my life is an open book, I posted this under MY FULL FIRST AND LAST NAME!!! and because I believe in this country and the rights I have to report on something I saw happening. If YouTube and Google believes there is something wrong with it, they can take appropriate action and delete the video, if it goes against their rules, they are welcome to pull it out.

*Why did I record this? First of all, I DID NOT RECORD TO MAKE FUN OR RIDICULE TRUMP VOTERS, although she is not helping you guys by representing your candidate. I recorded to show the world what happens when a country does not take care of their mentally ill (insane, psycho, high, loony, crazy) people.

*I’ve lived for over one year in downtown LA, and I got to cohabit with people exactly like this lady. Some are born with mental issues, some get there after abusing drugs. The point is, we used to have asylums (psychiatric wards) where they could go get treated. All countries around the world have some similar help. US does not!!! We have private mental hospitals for rich people, but poor are shit out of luck. They commit a crime and end up in jail, or in the mean time, they’re out and about, as this woman in this video. The majority of mental ill patients end up falling on drugs as well, and that with their mental state, only complicates things. DO NOT REPLY saying “this is Obama Care fault”. This has been going on way before Obama. I’m not going to allow this video to be pulled into the political arena. This is a SOCIETY PROBLEM, not a political one!

UPDATE #2: I can see the right wing has already taken my video out of context and using for their political agenda. As stated above, I refuse to let this video be political, so I will be cancelling the comments section of the video, as people are just spewing hate, and that’s not this video’s purpose

ALSO: If you all really care about this lady, I’m hoping you do, instead of wasting time spreading hate, go to GoFundMe and create a page for this lady, that’s the right thing to do! Put your money where your mouth is and do something after watching the video!

watch the first two videos first! Here they are:”

Note: Fikatorhas also disabled embedding the videos so those who wish to view them will have to copy and paste the links below.

1st video link:

2nd video link:

3rd video link:

Donald Trump has ordered his attorney Michael Cohen to find and help the woman.

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