NOAA: We Are Not Lying about Hurricane Matthew, We Are NOT Politicized Agency! …(Like FBI, IRS, Commerce, etc.)

On Thursday Matt Drudge questioned whether the the National Weather Service (NOAA) was lying to the American public about the strength of Hurricane Matthew in an effort to push climate change junk science:

The NOAA responded by insisting they have no political agenda.
Via Popular Science:

Hugh Cobb, Chief of the Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Association, told Popular Science that he was aware of Drudge’s comments and that while he would not comment directly on them, he reacted with a groan. Cobb emphasized that all of NOAA’s data is collected straight from the storm using reconnaissance aircraft. Aircraft have no political agenda.

Lead Forecaster Martin Nelson, also of the Tropical Analysis and Forecast Branch, hammered home the same point saying “We go with our data. That’s the end of it,” adding “We use the science that we have and that’s what we do.”

Cobb reiterated that this is “an extremely dangerous storm” that must be taken very seriously. Which is to say, get your weather information from weather agencies–not an Internet trash heap with an agenda.

Of course, Americans believed several government agencies were not politicized before Obama.

Then the IRS targeted hundreds of conservative groups and conservative donors.

The FBI let a crooked former Secretary of State off the hook for her blatant criminal activity.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics and Commerce Department cooked the books to show the unemployment rate dropped right before the 2012 election.

The EPA lies about Global Warming to put coal miners out of work.

And the military, DOJ and White House can’t even utter the words radical Islam.

Under the Obama regime the American public has been lied to and targeted over and over again.
Does the NOAA really believe Americans trust this immoral behemoth of an agency today?

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