No Voter Fraud in the US? Here Are Four Prominent Examples

Democrats say voter fraud is very rare in the United States

Here are three prominent instances of voter fraud in US history.
Democrats used to boast about this stuff, but now they try to deny it.

At least the old Democrats were open and honest about their vote thievery. Today we have learn about their voter fraud and illegals voting from Wikileaks.


1) 1960 JFK-Nixon election: All historians accept that Vote Fraud happened in Texas, Illinois, and West Virginia. The only argument was just how massive it really was. Ike urged Nixon to dispute the election. Check the Internet for your favorite details.

2) Democrat historian Robert Caro admitted (and went into great detail on how) 1948 LBJ won his first US Senate primary in TX thru massive voter fraud. Tens of thousands of votes were fraudulent.

3.) The 1982 Illinois Gubernatorial Race. Jim Thompson vs. Adlai Stevenson III. The official total had Thompson up by only five thousand votes. The US Department of Justice found at least 100,000 fraudulent votes (over 10% of Chicago’s vote). Sixty-three people were convicted of voter fraud. The feds broke it open because a campaign worker complained that he didn’t get his promised city job after helping with the fraud. (Love that detail! So Chicago!) Dead people voted then too. People with vacant lot addresses voted. All kinds of wild fraud was uncovered. Adlai appealed to the Illinois Supreme Court. It took two months before Adlai conceded.

4.) Al Franken versus Norm Coleman in the Minnesota senatorial race in 2010: Sen. Al Franken (D-Minn.) won election in 2008 with a victory margin of 312 votes. 1,099 felons voted illegally in the election.

Bill from Illinois says number 3 is my favorite example since he lived through it in Illinois.

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