MUST SEE VIDEO=> Former Miss Wisconsin: DONALD TRUMP Gave Me the Coat Off His Back on a Cold Winter Night

Back in March former Miss Wisconsin Melissa Young teared up while thanking Donald Trump for helping her provide a college education to her young son.

Young suffers from a serious incurable disease and thanked Donald Trump for sending a letter to her while she was in the hospital.

donald Trump miss wisconsin

“You saved me in so many ways.”


On Friday Melissa Young told Varney and Co. she does not believe the recent allegations against Donald Trump.


Young goes on to tell the story of how Donald Trump actually gave her the coat off his back on a cold Wisconsin night.

“I have had moments with him alone when I have seen nothing but the greatest man with such a kind heart and never ever inappropriate. Nothing like that ever. On April 4th he was here in Wisconsin in Milwaukee at a rally. And it was very cold. And he was leaving the rally. It was late at night. And his secret service is helping him get out to the car… He looks over and sees that I’m freezing cold and goes to remove his long black jacket from his body to hand to Secret Service to put over me. They put the jacket over my body. This is a man who is not thinking about his safety at that moment, about getting into that car. There were no cameras around. He was thinking about me. He was being a gentleman and thinking about me in the cold. And I guess I can say it this way. He gave me the coat off his back. That is the Mr. Trump that I know.

What a lovely woman and a beautiful story.
Via Varney and Co.:

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