Melania Trump to Donald’s Accusers: These Allegations Should be Handled in a Court of Law – This was All Planned (VIDEO)

The beautiful and brilliant Melania Trump spoke with Ainsley Earhardt from FOX and Friends.
The interview will air Tuesday morning from 6-9 AM Eastern.


During the interview Ainsley asked Melania about her husband’s accusers who all just happened to break their silence this week to trash Donald Trump with alleged accusations of sexual misconduct.

Melania Trump: I was not surprised in one way because as I said before everything was organized and it is three weeks before the election. All these women coming out and they are allegations that are not true. Why now? Why three weeks before the election? And they are accusing my husband? That is not the person that I know… All the allegations should be handled in a court of law. And without the evidence to accuse somebody is a man or a woman is damaging and it’s unfair… They want to damage the presidency of my husband. It was all planned. All organized.

None of the accusers have filed charges against Donald Trump for the alleged abuse they endured.
Wonder why?

Via Hannity:

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