Liberal Tolerance=> Gay Owned Business Vandalized Because His Boyfriend Supports Trump


More tolerance from the left—
A San Francisco business was vandalized because the gay owner’s boyfriend supports Donald Trump.

San Diego 7 reported:

A Mission District tattoo shop owner says he is in the midst of a political firestorm after being mistakenly identified as a Donald Trump supporter.

Political views have turned dangerous for the San Francisco man, who requested to remain anonymous. He said that someone tossed a rock through his store’s window, smashing it.

The business owner has been struggling with vandalism for the month, but said he does not support Trump – his boyfriend does.

Other Bay Area voters are also frustrated. They say they’re losing the right to have an opinion, in fear of retaliation.

It “really ticks me off,” said Sharon Fraetis, a Hillary Clinton supporter.

The Lafayette woman was targeted in just the latest in a series of troubling incidents during the final weeks of the 2016 election cycle. Someone pulled down Clinton signs from her house.

Via MicroSpookyLeaks:


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