IRONY: Hillary Clinton Lectured State Dept. Staff on Cybersecurity in 2010 (VIDEO)


If there’s anyone who needed a lecture about cyversecurity at the State Department it was Hillary Clinton, but in the ultimate twist of irony, it was Hillary who was lecturing everyone else.

FOX News reports:

Clinton lectured State Dept. staff on cybersecurity in 2010 video

Despite conducting her own government business through a personal “homebrew” server while secretary of state, Hillary Clinton is seen in a newly obtained video lecturing her staff of their “special duty” to recognize the importance of cybersecurity.

“The real key to cybersecurity rests with you,” Clinton says in the 2010 video, which was obtained by “Complying with department computing policies and being alert to potential threats will help protect all of us.”

Clinton goes on in the video to underscore the important work the State Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security and IT department were doing to guard against cyber-attacks. She warns hackers try to “exploit” vulnerabilities and penetrate department systems. She then urges staffers to log onto the internal cybersecurity awareness website or subscribe to their “cybersecurity awareness newsletter.”

“Together we can do our part to improve the security of the State Department and of our nation,” Clinton says.

Asked for comment, House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz told, “Hillary Clinton needs only to look into the mirror to find the biggest cyber security risk.”

Watch the video:

She’s such a fraud!


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