HUUGE! Donald Trump Holds 40 POINT ADVANTAGE Over Hillary Clinton with White Men

trump cameraman rally

A new ABC News-Washington Post poll finds white men prefer Donald Trump over Hillary Rotten Clinton by a 40 POINT MARGIN!

Trump leads Hillary Clinton with working class voters.
Trump holds an amazing 59 point advantage with white men who lack a college degree.

Trump holds a 40 point advantage with all white men!

Trump has twice the support from white males as Mitt Romney did in 2012!
Lange Research reported:

Trump’s fortunes rest on his core supporters, white men who lack a four-year-college degree, an economically stressed and socially and politically conservative group. He leads Clinton among them by 76-17 percent, an enormous 59-point advantage. That’s widened from 40 points early this month; it’s a group Mitt Romney won by 31 points – half Trump’s current margin – in 2012.

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