DEVASTATING! Kathleen Willey in SPIN ROOM: “It Was Not Easy” Being in Same Room as Bill Clinton (Video)

Donald Trump did not go to the Spin Room tonight after the debate, but Juanita Broaddrick, Paula Jones and Kathleen Willey did.

And they met with the liberal press to tell their story.
These poor abused women finally had a few moments to tell their story.

Kathleen Willey DESTROYED the Clintons tonight in the Spin Room.

When asked what it was like being the same room with Bill Clinton, Kathleen Willey said:

It was not easy… I came here for one reason, to point out these are not infidelities that the mainstream media wants us to all think they are. Sexual assault, rapes, sexual harassment are not infidelities period.  They are crimes and they are felonies.  Hillary Clinton is a fake feminist.  A champion of women does not attack the victims of sexual assault and rape.

So is Kathleen still a bimbo, Hillary?

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