Hillary Supporting Family Defends Halloween Décor of Trump hanging from Noose

It’s only offensive or racist if Republicans do this.
A Hillary supporting San Antonio family defended their Halloween décor of Trump hanging from a tree.

Because Democrats believe it is OK to kill Trump.

The family believes Trump is disrespectful.
But Hillary attacking rape victims is acceptable.
WWMT reported:

One West Side family made a bold political statement with their Halloween decoration.

The Leal family stuffed a mannequin affixed with Donald Trump face and hung it from a tree in their front yard next to another stuffed character with a Hillary Clinton face, which is holding a Clinton-Kaine “Stronger Together” campaign sign.

“My dad said, ‘I got an idea. Let’s put Donald Trump hanging and Hillary Clinton holding the string and sitting down,” John Leal said.

Leal is just a teenager, but he follows the political drama between Clinton and Trump. He said his parents taught him that Trump is disrespectful.

“We don’t like the way he talks to women. He treats them with disrespect,” Leal said. “She’s [Clinton] not disrespectful. She treats others with respect and she just has a big heart.”

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