HAH! Following FBI Announcement Hillary Clinton Begs for $3 Donations from Supporters


Following the FBI announcement today that they were reopening their investigation on Hillary Clinton her campaign sent out a letter asking for donations.

She’s asking for $3 donations.
Just three bucks!

She needs cash to pay for attorney fees.
She’ll take anything she can get.



From the letter:

Friend —

You’ve never stopped pouring your heart into this long, tough race, and we never could have made it this far without you. So as we approach our final, critical end-of-month deadline, I want to make sure you get the credit you deserve.

Can you chip in just $3 right now? When you do, we’ll put your name on the record to show that you were one of our best supporters in one of the most important moments of the entire campaign.

It’s about more than just the money. Your $3 is a declaration that you’re still fighting by my side, even as this election draws to a close. It’s about saying that you’re proud to be on this team.

Sorry Hillary.
No can do.

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