Gov. Pence Plane Skids Off LaGuardia Runway – Pence Immediately Checks to Make Sure Passengers, Reporters are OK

The campaign plane carrying Republican vice presidential nominee Mike Pence skidded off the runway at New York City’s LaGuardia Airport Thursday evening. There are no reported injuries. Pence immediately came back to the press section to make sure everyone in was not hurt. The flight from Iowa to LaGuardia for an evening fundraiser (since cancelled due to the accident) had been delayed because of inclement weather. A relaxed Pence played football with his staff while waiting on the tarmac in Iowa.

“**Everyone is okay, including the candidate — but the Pence campaign plane slid off runway upon landing at LaGuardia”

“Video after Pence campaign plane skids off runway at LaGuardia–>”

Elizabeth Landers of CNN who was on the plane told Anderson Cooper on air that the plane was buffeted by turbulence on it’s approach and fishtailed upon landing. Pence told the press there was mud on his window near the front of the plane.

“.@ElizLanders aboard Pence plane to @ErinBurnett: “The governor himself came to the back of the plane to make sure everyone (press) was OK””

Video taken on the scene shows part of the runway torn up.

“Tarmac damage after Pence plane skids off runway at LGA

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump called Pence upon hearing about the accident, according to the Trump campaign.

“Trump called Pence after the VP candidate’s plane slid off runway at LGA. Spox says Trump is “glad” all are ok.”

Pence thanked first responders on the ground.

“First images coming into @fox5ny as Press pool exits @mike_pence campaign plane. The jet skidded off runway at LaGuardia – no injuries”

“BREAKING: Pence campaign plane slides off runway at LaGuardia Airport in New York”

Before the Pence plane took off from Iowa, Pence played football in the grass near the tarmac with his staff. The calm sunny skies and relaxed atmosphere are in stark contrast to what awaited Pence and the media in New York.

“Action shot: @GovPenceIN launches the ball while @ZachCBauer @marc_lotter @JordanKarem1 duke it out to catch it”

“Pence plane grounded for an hour, so @mike_pence and his team are playing football”

“Folks. This is happening right now.”

“This was the Tarmac when we landed on the @mike_pence plane- torn up concrete”

The FAA explained the runway safety system.

“@ElizLanders @mike_pence That’s what runway safety looks like: Engineered Material Arresting Systems (EMAS) can stop aircraft moving 80 mph”

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