FOX Business Network Mocks Hillary for Empty Rally: “And She’s Supposed to Speak in 15 Minutes” (Video)

Hillary Clinton held another small rally today in a gymnasium at Palm Beach State College in Lake Worth, Florida.


The election is in two weeks.

And Hillary couldn’t fill a small gym.

Even FOX Business Network was mocking the size of her rally.

“Here it is nowhere near the size of the crowd we saw in Sanford, Florida yesterday for Mr. Trump, 15,000. There’s maybe a thousand to two thousand people here today. The Clinton rallies tend to be much smaller and you can see there’s empty space here and she’s supposed to speak in 15 minutes. And I can tell you that as the camera pans across that if we were at a Trump rally this would absolutely be packed.”

It’s nice to see some honest journalism for a change.

Via Varney and Co.:

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