OF COURSE: Dem Operative Claims Investigation of Voter Fraud at Liberal Indiana Group is Racism


Yesterday afternoon, Jim Hoft wrote about a Democrat backed group in Indiana which was raided by police and is now being investigated for voter fraud.

A Democrat associated with the group has responded the way Democrats always respond.

It’s racism.

WIBC reports:

Indiana State Police, Secretary Of State, Respond To Charges Of Racism

Indiana Secretary of State Connie Lawson, and the Indiana State Police, responded to charges of harassment and racism leveled by a Democratic operative associated with an organization being investigated for potential voter fraud by the ISP.

Craig Varoga, the founder of Patriot Majority, one of the groups being investigated, accused both the ISP and Secretary Lawson in a statement soon after the second investigation was launched:

After all is said and done, when this partisan investigation finds no wrongdoing by the organization, Connie Lawson and the Indiana State Police will have prevented 45,000 African Americans from voting in this year’s elections.  That is why today we reported their outrageous actions to the Department of Justice.

In an exclusive interview on WIBC, ISP Chief Public Information Officer, Captain David Bursten, refuted the claims of Varoga:

To his allegations that we are trying to disenfranchise 45,000 African-American voters: I want make it perfectly clear that we don’t take any of the voter registration cards, we copy them. That’s a false and misleading and baiting statement.

He wants to draw attention away from the fact that the actions of people employed by IVRP actually can disenfranchise voters. These people are taking real names, false addresss, false names, false addresses, false dates of birth…they are the ones possibly disenfranchising voters. 

Democrats have made this charge so callously over the last eight years it’s amazing they think anyone believes them anymore.



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