CORRUPT MEDIA Lies About Hillary’s OSU Rally to Make Her Appear Popular

Hillary held a rally at Ohio State on Monday night.
The media cheered the size of her rally – her largest rally to date.

The media said as many as 20,000 turned out to see Hillary.
hillary-crowd-msm-lies reported 18,500 attended the Hillary rally.
Politics USA says nearly 20,000 people showed up.



** The media reported 13,500 watched from inside the fence. Another 5,000 watched from outside the fence. These inflated numbers were combined to make the headline that 18,500 attended the rally.

Donald Trump has overflow crowds EVERY DAY at his rallies across the country. The media NEVER includes the overflow crowd in his rally totals.

** The OSU rally featured celebrity DJ Samantha Ronson, who played music beforehand which drew in many Hillary “supporters” to the venue. The media buried this fact.

** 35,000 came out to see Obama in 2010 for an off year rally. So Hillary still does not have the star power of previous Democratic candidates.

Obviously, the media is working overtime at this point to prop up Crooked Hillary.

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