Trained Liberal Activist, Pastor and Hillary Supporter Arrested for Stealing Trump Signs in Chicago

On Friday March 11, 2016 hundreds, possibly thousands of anti-Trump fascists shut down his Chicago rally.
The event was called over security concerns.

The far left goons were planning on storming the stage.
One man did.

trump rally protest bernie chicago

This same man then attacked a Trump supporter in the crowd.

His name is Jedidiah Brown.
He is a pastor and anti-violence activist.

Of course, this unhinged goon, who attended the rally to shut it down – not to listen – BLAMED TRUMP SUPPORTERS for the violence.

SKY News and the BBC gave this guy airtime to spew his hatred.

This week we found out, thanks to Project Veritas and Wikileaks, that the Chicago Trump protesters were paid activists.
It was planned by the Hillary campaign.

This week pastor Jedidiah Brown was arrested for stealing Trump signs.
Hat Tip Andrew

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