BREAKING: Donald Trump Attorney Looking for Homeless Woman Beaten By Hillary Clinton Supporters in Hollywood

The attorney for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is looking for the homeless Black woman seen on video being attacked by a mob of Hillary Clinton supporters as she protected Trump’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after it was sledgehammered by a Clinton supporter earlier this week.





Michael Cohen, Trump Organization EVP and Special Counsel to Donald J. Trump, spoke out on Twitter Friday evening about Mr. Trump’s desire–before it was known to him that she was attacked by the Clinton mob–to present an unspecified gift to the woman. Cohen said he had a friend in Hollywood looking for her.

After learning she had been attacked, Cohen promised she would have “the last laugh on these thugs.”

Cohen told a supporter to not contact the Trump campaign about the woman but to DM him on Twitter with any information as to her whereabouts., indicating this is a personal matter for Trump.

“.@DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump someone please help me locate this woman as Mr. Trump has a gift for her…”

“.@aGirlisN0one @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump Someone please help me find this woman. No person should ever be treated this way!!!”

“.@can_texplain @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump I just had a friend who works close by look but she is not there. If someone sees her, DM me”

Soon after Cohen responded to posters on Twitter who informed him the woman had been attacked and prayed for her to be found and helped. Cohen stayed engaged in conversation with the posters over the course of several hours Friday night.

“@MichaelCohen212 @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump they assaulted her!!”

“.@EOnAntisemitism @YouTube with everyone’s help, we will.”

“.@IamBruceRussell @natashalarebel she will ultimately have the last laugh”

“.@can_texplain @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump no one should be treated like this. God bless her”

“.@aGirlisN0one @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump @Cernovich @PizzaPartyBen we will!!!” (find her)

“.@HeavenPeaceLove @aGirlisN0one @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump @Cernovich @PizzaPartyBen I have asked local friends to check daily.”

“.@UnpopularTruth3 @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump No…please DM me.”

“.@sandra48050139 with everyone’s love and help, this woman will have the last laugh on these thugs”

“.@Mallory_McLean @bocavista2016 @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump that’s for the police to do. Let’s hope”

“.@WvBoy51 @can_texplain @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump or be treated like this.”

“.@Malthrax @CassandraRules I have a friend who went and she was gone. He will return daily until we find her.”

“.@CassandraRules @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump I sure will.”

“.@DianaChic1 @can_texplain @Poppy_Fields1 @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump as did everyone I know who saw it”

“.@taylorhamtakes @aGirlisN0one @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump @Cernovich @PizzaPartyBen how do you know that and how do I find her?”

“.@BasedReporter @CassandraRules @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump Thank you”

“.@sarahmint @taylorhamtakes No. still hoping”

“.@mimiminniti @sarahmint @taylorhamtakes yes!”

“.@russellwiley @ClydeStones @sarahmint @taylorhamtakes If anyone knows who the thugs are, call law enforcement immediately with their names.”

“Michael Cohen ‏@MichaelCohen212 39s39 seconds ago Manhattan, NY
.@PaulaGail4 @Cernovich @HeavenPeaceLove @aGirlisN0one @DiamondandSilk @realDonaldTrump @PizzaPartyBen rest assured…I will”

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