AWFUL! Videos Show Hillary Clinton Supporters Attacking Homeless Black Woman Guarding Trump Hollywood Star

Take a good look at these videos as this is what America will be like under the Democratic Party rule of a Hillary Clinton presidency. We have already seen violent leftist mobs running wild under the presidency of her fellow Democrat Barack Obama and it will only get worse under Clinton. A three video series posted to YouTube shows a leftist mob surrounding, mocking and attacking a homeless Black woman supporter of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump who was protecting his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after it had been sledgehammered earlier in the week by a Clinton supporter.




One white man spoke up to try to get the crowd to back off the woman, but the majority Black and Brown mob rejected his entreaties. No one can be seen in the videos stepping up to protect the woman after she was knocked over by a hulking Hispanic man and lay motionless on the sidewalk. Instead they stole and tore up her signs and threw them at her.

The Clinton mob mocked her, asking her where was Donald Trump to protect her.

The poster of the videos, “Koali Fikator” writes in the descriptions of the videos that the homeless Black woman got what was coming to her from the Clinton mob.

Descriptions from parts one, two and three, respectively:

“As you know by now, Donald Trump’s Star on the Walk of Fame in Hollywood was vandalized, so this crazy black lady decided to (poorly) exercise her freedom of speech by going to the heart of Hollywood (Hollywood & Highland), right next to Donald’s smashed star, with signs calling Mexicans and blacks motherfuc*ers and saying her candidate was the best, Trump style, as most Trump voters do. She forgot the small detail that Los Angeles is 90℅ latino and after spewing all that hate, someone would get tired of her ass, and exercise their freedom as well… Even the news and TMZ were there, which are the ones we have to thank for crazy people like her, as they’re the reason these nutjobs are coming out of the woods, because they’re given a voice on the nightly news… Smh”


“She is still talking crap about Mexicans, immigrants, blacks, and Hillary Clinton. Mind you, she’s in the heart of immigrant town, Hollywood, surrounded by immigrants. People warned her: “someone will get mad at you for offending them, and no one will help you when that happens…” But, when you are brain washed by Donald Trump, you hear no reason”


“After Bullying Everyone, Trump Supporter gets what she’s been asking for… A Beatdown from a Latina”

Part One:

Part Two:

Part 3:

The Gateway Pundit reported Thursday on the woman’s brave stand for Trump.

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