ASSANGE INTERNET WAS CUT OFF SATURDAY – After Goldman Sachs Speeches were Released

Wikileaks reported on Monday afternoon that Ecuador cut off Julian Assange’s internet on Saturday after the publication of the Clinton Goldman Sachs speeches.

Julian Assange and Wikileaks released THOUSANDS of John Podesta emails this week.
Podesta is Hillary Clinton’s top advisor.

There were rumors floating around the internet on Sunday that Julian Assange was dead.
These rumors were not true but Wikileaks announced this morning that Assange’s internet was intentionally severed by a state party.

Now we know that after Assange “went dark” Wikileaks released these strange tweets on Sunday.

4Chan users reported the mysterious tweets may SHA256 hashes and not keys.
There were rumors that Assange was going to be extradited.

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Commenter Lockstein added this:

Go to Conservative Treehouse and look for
“sha265 hash”

These three lines of gibberish are
NOT a message
NOT a password

They are a kind of “verification proof” that a particular
document/file is genuine, and has not been altered/tampered with.

These three are forthcoming;

Wikileaks is revealing the way to confirm that what *does*
get published/released

Is indeed the real McCoy and not some fake

What we do know is that Julian Assange is no longer able to post from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London.
Could the Clinton Cartel be behind this attack?

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