WOW! Maps Shows Hillary Camp Passed NUMEROUS Health Clinics on 2.7 Mile Drive to Chelsea’s Apartment

They could have killed her.
The Hillary campaign broke protocol.

Hillary’s handlers drove 2.7 miles to Chelsea Clinton’s apartment instead of .2 miles to the health clinic two blocks away.

Here’s another map of the NUMEROUS health clinics the Clinton handlers passed on the way to Chelsea Clinton’s apartment.
Hat Tip Andrew Marcus

On Sunday Hillary Clinton collapsed at the Ground Zero Memorial.
She was OUT COLD.
She was dragged into her van – Lost a shoe on the street.

The campaign van left Ground Zero and drove to Chelsea Clinton’s apartment 2.7 miles away.
This was after a 68 year-old woman with “pneumonia” collapsed in the street.

FOX Business Network reported the Clinton Campaign avoided the hospital to hide the seriousness of her medical condition.
According to protocol the campaign was supposed to go to emergency room.

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