WOW! Hillary Spox: She Was Chasing Her Grandchild Around Chelsea’s Apartment after They Dragged Her from Ground Zero (VIDEO)

Hillary Campaign Spokesman Brian Fallon told reporters on Monday that Hillary Clinton was chatting and “making calls” after she collapsed on the street and had to be dragged into her van.


Fallon told Andrea Mitchell Hillary was chasing her grandchild around Chelsea’s apartment after her medical emergency.

Brian Fallon: As soon as she got in the vehicle she was alert the whole time… She was actually making calls to aides that she was fine from the car. And she ended up going to her daughter Chelsea’s apartment that was nearby. And for the aides that were there with her she was seen chasing her granddaughter around the apartment.

The Hillary Campaign also told the media Robbie Mook, John Podesta and campaign communications director Jennifer Palmieri all caught pneumonia recently.


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