WOW! Black Women TEAR INTO Hillary And Lester Holt After Debate (VIDEO)

Guest post by Aleister at American Lookout:

diamond silk national review

This is amazing!

Diamond and Silk laid into Hillary and Lester Holt after the Hofstra debate.


They had this to say:

Now Hillary started lying right off the bat . . . Overall, Donald Trump won that debate. But Lester? He got under my skin… We don’t give a damn about that birther issue!

Why wasn’t you asking Hillary about her pay for play schemes? About her email scandal? About the fact that she don’t even understand a ‘C’ stands for “Classified?” About the fact that she don’t know how to remember anything? Oh, you didn’t ask her that!

Well, listen up, Lester! Don’t make us fester! Or you gonna feel the wrath of Diamond and Silk. I just want you to know one thing: In the end, Donald J. Trump is going to win!

But the transcript doesn’t do them justice.

Watch the video here:

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