Wikileaks DESTROYS NY Times Hit Piece on Julian Assange and Pretend Ties to Putin

The New York Times ran a hit piece on Julian Assange and Wikilieaks Thursday trying desperately to tie the multi-national media organization to Russian President Vladimir Putin.

This comes after Assange promised to release “the most interesting and serious” information on Hillary Clinton before the November election.
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Assange is not a Hillary supporter and claims the FBI has more than enough evidence to indict Hillary Clinton.


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Because Assange is anti-Hillary and has threatened the liberal candidate The New York Times is working overtime to smear and besmirch the organization.

Wikileaks responded today to the nasty NY Times hit piece.
Via Twitlonger:

Response to New York Times article published Thursday ‘How Russia Often Benefits When Julian Assange Reveals the West’s Secrets’ []

The only hard news in the article is that “American officials say Mr. Assange and WikiLeaks probably have no direct ties to Russian intelligence services.”

WikiLeaks has published more than 650,000 documents about Russian & president Putin, most of which is critical. See

It is false that the book ‘The WikiLeaks Files’ (which is about US diplomacy), contains no criticism of Russia. It contain numerous critical references to Russia including a whole chapter on US diplomatic relations with Russia with numerous references to Russian corruption.

It is false that Mr. Assange ‘muse[d] to associates about relocating’ to Russia. He openly joked in a press conference about how absurd it would be if a western press freedom activist would be forced to seek asylum in Cuba.

It is false that WikiLeaks or Mr. Assange have not “publicly criticized’ human rights abuses by Mr. Assad and the Russian forces fighting there.” WikiLeaks does not comment on world events unless the events relate to its publications, to its organization or to its alleged sources. But, for example, WikiLeaks has backed Amnesty’s criticism of Russian civilian kills in their bombing runs in response to Russian partisans attacking it, saying Amnesty’s numerical analysis appears to hold.

It is misleading to impy that WikiLeaks simply Tweeted once about the imprisonment of the Russian musical group Pussy Riot. Infact, Mr. Assange has met multiple times with various members of Pussy Riot and they have joined the Courage Foundation, which he co-founded, and which protects journalistic sources. See

It is false that Russia issued a visa for Julian Assange (or that Mr. Assange has applied for a visa).

It is false that WikiLeaks has not produced critical material on the Assad government. WikiLeaks has published 2.3 million documents from the Assad government, a Russian ally, including the head of state, Bashar al Assad’s personal emails. WikiLeaks has also published on the Syrian government spying on Syrian activists using ‘bluecoat’ and documented many imports used by the Syrian security state in violation of the sanctions regime. See and 20% 20from% 3Awikileaks% 20since% 3A2012-01-01% 20until% 3A2012-12-31&src=typd

The conspiracy theory the article attempts to impute about the timing of WikiLeaks’ publications is false and is not journalism.

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