RIOTING IN CHARLOTTE After Police Shooting – Officers Injured, Reporter Hit in Head with Rock, Police Cruiser Trashed

Protests erupted in Charlotte, North Carolina Tuesday after 43-year-old Keith Lamont Scott was shot and killed by a police officer.
The man was reportedly shot by a black officer.
Protesters attacked police, hit a reporter in the head with a rock and trashed a police cruiser.

The shooting occurred around 4 p.m. at The Village at College Downs apartment complex in northeast Charlotte.

According to WBTV, officers said they were searching for a person with an outstanding warrant when they saw a man get out of a vehicle with a firearm.


Lamont Scott got out of the vehicle “armed with a firearm and posed an imminent deadly threat to the officers who subsequently fired their weapon striking the subject.”

Black Lives Matter activists gathered tonight to protest the shooting.
They’re hurling water bottles at police.

The protesters confronted police.

A police cruiser got trashed.

And one protester gave a speech from the top of the cruiser.

WBTV reporter was hit in the head with a rock.

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