VIDEO=> Trump Supporters Forced to Walk Gauntlet of Abusive Far Left Mob After FL Rally

The Citizen-Times released video from Donald Trump’s massive rally at the US Cellular Center in Fort Myers, Florida.

There were 8,000 Trump supporters inside the center and hundreds left outside after the arena was filled up.


The video gave equal time to the couple of hundred anti-Trump protesters as to the thousands of Trump supporters.

At Citizen Times then shows Trump supporters leaving the rally and forced to walk through the gauntlet of abusive and violent far left protesters.
Where are the police to guarantee these Americans’ right to assemble?

This is the type of abuse Trump supporters are forced to deal with across the country.
And the corrupt national media NEVER reports on it.

In June several dozen Trump supporters, including women, were harassed, chased, beaten, cold-cocked, egged, knocked out after the Trump rally in San Jose.

The media ignored that too.

And #NeverTrumper Charlie Gasparino can go to hell.

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