VIDEO: HUNDREDS of Trump Supporters Try to STORM RALLY After Fire Marshal Turns Them Away

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump held a massive rally Tuesday evening at an airplane hangar in Melbourne, Florida to a massive crowd of about 10,000 supporters-while an equal number were turned away when the fire marshal declared the event at capacity.

“Trump jet just landed amid thunder and cheers from crowd still standing in line at @FlyMLB rally #321Vote @Florida_Today”

Video posted to Twitter by Rick Neal with Florida Today shows hundreds of Trump supporters–chased by police–rushing past a barricade to try to get in to the rally after admission was cut off. In the distance thousands of supporters can be seen still in a line that snaked thoughout the makeshift parking lot.


“Authorities cut off the Trump entry line, and hundreds of people rushed forward from behind barricades #321Vote @Florida_Today”

Neal interviewed the last person in line allowed in, Rachel Padrick-Miller. She had been in since 2 p.m. When the fire marshal cut off the line she said ‘thousands were trying to break through the line…jumping the barricades.’

“Just interviewed Fort Pierce resident Rachel Padrick-Miller, the last person admitted from the long Trump line #321Vote @Florida_Today”

Frustrated shut out supporters lingered outside chanting, “We want Trump!”

“Some younger Trump supporters, blocked by two police officers, are chanting “We want Trump!” outside the hangar #321Vote @Florida_Today”

ABC News reporter Candace Smith reported the fire marshal told her 9,500 people attended the rally.

“Fire Marshall (sic) says there were 9,500 people there.”

A Melbourne Police officer told this writer after the rally that “an equal number” of supporters were turned away from the rally when the fire marshal shut down admission.

One of those shut out supporters agreed saying on Twitter that 10,000 were refused entry.

“We were in line. Couldn’t get in. Easily 10k outside.”

“Couldn’t get in. Thousands in line outside.”

A Melbourne resident confirmed the report.

“The Trump Rally in Melbourne, FL was so packed that thousands couldn’t even get in #MAGA @realDonaldTrump”

“#TrumpSea @realDonaldTrump rocked our town! There were thousands more that couldn’t get in #MAGA #FloridaForTrump”

Shortly after the scheduled start time of 7 p.m. EDT, the BBC’s Anthony Zurcher reported the crowd at the rally “is as big as I’ve ever seen.”

“Crowd at the Trump rally in Melbourne, Fla. is as big as I’ve ever seen. Line snakes from airport hanger through parking lot & back again”

A half hour before that a Trump supporter in line posted his plea from a mile away to make it into the rally.

“@realDonaldTrump Mr. Trump we are at your rally in Melbourne, FL. The line to get in must be over a mile long. Hope we get inside to see u.”

One hour before the scheduled start when people were still arriving Buzzfeed’s Blake Montgomery reported an estimated total of over 15,000 already in the hangar and in line to get in.

“Melbourne natives estimate 15,000+ people in the hangar and in line for the Trump rally”

This video taken ninety minutes before the scheduled start of the rally shows the line rapidly growing further away from the hangar along an airport security fence far from the start of the line with the end not in sight.

“Folks this is not even fraction of the line to see #Trump in #Melbourne FL tonight. #TrumpWins #TrumpWon”

This video taken three hours before the scheduled start of the rally shows several thousand people in line and starting to enter the rally facility shortly after the gates were opened at 4 p.m. EDT. The video only shows about one-third of the line at that time.

“Trump Rally At Melbourne FL 4:12. Another View Of The Massive Line! We Are Going In. Must Be 10,000 People Here Waiting. Rally Starts 7:00”

Video taken about a half-hour before the previous video shows the developing line of thousands snaking through the parking lot.

“Trump Rally In Melbourne FL. MASSIVE LINE Now Extends The Length Of The Hangers. Enough People To Fill TEN Hillary Rallies! Time 3:40 PM”

This photo posted by NBC News reporter Ali Vitali was taken while Trump was speaking and only shows part of the massive crowd.

“I know Trump says we don’t show the crowd, but we did shoot this tonight b/c we were allowed to leave the pen.”

A photo posted by Dan Scavino,Jr., shows the view from Trump Force One of part of the massive crowd from the opposite side of the hangar.

“Just landed in Melbourne, Florida. WOW!! Lets WIN #TrumpTrain!!
#TrumpForceOne #MAGA🇺🇸”

View from the press riser facing the tarmac.

“Sea of @realDonaldTrump supporters filled hangar and tarmac at Melbourne rally. @gatewaypundit”


Breitbart’s Dustin Stockton walked the line around the time the fire marshal cut off admission. He posted video in two parts of the crowd left outside.

“Part 1 line outside Trump rally”

“Part 2, took more than 6 minutes to walk the line”

Stockton also posted a brief video clip of the crowd trying to rush the rally.

“Outside Trump rally several supporters try to rush the entrance as cops say venue at capacity”

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