VIDEO=> Hannity and Ingraham Call on #NeverTrumpers to Come Out, Be Honest and Endorse Hillary Clinton

never trump elites

Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham called on #NeverTrump leaders including Glenn Beck and Jonah Goldberg, to have some integrity and come out and endorse Hillary Clinton.

The #NeverTrumpers have been trying to sabotage Donald Trump for months.
It’s time they get honest with the publica and endorse their favored candidate.

Sean Hannity: You know what I’ve been saying, I’ve said this to Jonah and Glenn Beck, if she wins based on your constant barrage of attacks and not telling the story of what the choice is, then they own her. They own her Supreme Court choices, they own her unvetted refugees…

Laura Ingraham: They should just be honest and come out for Hillary. Come out for Hillary if Trump is so bad. They should explicitly come out and endorse Hillary Clinton.

Enough is enough.
Have some integrity and endorse the liberal you want in the White House.


Via Hannity:

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