Video=> #Charlotte Rioters Loot Store, Smash Open Cash Register

Rioters in Charlotte, North Carolina were recorded on video Thursday night by independent journalist Myrna Perez breaking into a souvenir store and smashing open a cash register on the sidewalk outside the store.

A horde of rioters could be seen mobbing the cash register when they saw it was filled with money.

“Protestors rush into souvenir store in #Charlotte #CharlotteRiots”

“They stole the cash register inside and stripped it from all its contents. This was only ONE local business”

Earlier in the evening Perez photographed the rioters looting the Charlotte Hornets store.

“Protestors just robbed another store in downtown #Charlotte. Took all the Hornets gear. I’m bad at sports so i don’t know what team that is”

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