TRUMP: I Will Take the Admirals and Generals Any Day Over the POLITICAL HACKS

Hofstra Debate-


Trump: …I do want to say that I was just endorsed and more are coming next week, it will be over 200 Admirals, many of them are here, Admirals and Generals endorsed me to lead this country.  That just happened and many more are coming and I’m very proud of it.  In addition I was just endorsed by ICE, they’ve never endorsed anybody before on immigration.  I was just endorsed by ICE.  I was just recently endorsed  by 16,000 border patrol agents, so when the Secretary Clinton talks about this, I’ll take the Admirals, and I’ll take the Generals any day over the political hacks that I see that have led our country so brilliantly over the last 10 years with their knowledge. OK.  Because look at the mess that we’re in.  Look at the mess that we’re in….

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