Recent Developments Show Mexican Officials Are Hedging Their Bets on Trump Victory

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Mexican officials are hedging their bets on the upcoming US election.
It appears by their actions they believe Donald Trump will be the 45th President of the United States.

Authorities are already ramping up their repatriations division. reported:

As for the Donald Trump campaign, the candidate has defied the odds and the negative predictions, and he is now within a few months of possibly winning the presidency.

There are signs that the Mexican presidential administration realizes that, and is hedging its bets.

One is the promotion of the Somos Mexicanos program designed to help Mexicans returning to Mexico from the United States. I last visited Mexico this past June and July (see Observations following our Family’s 2016 Summer Trip to Mexico). When entering Mexico, I noticed the Mexican immigration station had been remodeled to include a section for Repatriaciones (repatriations). Does that mean the Mexican government is expecting larger numbers of Mexicans to return to Mexico?

In July, President Peña Nieto visited Washington where the Mexican president appeared in a joint press conference with American President Barack Obama, held the day after Donald Trump’s acceptance speech at the Republican National Convention.

In that press conference, Peña Nieto, who had previously likened Trump to Hitler and Mussolini (how original!) sounded much more statesmanlike.

“To Mrs. Hillary Clinton and Mr. Donald Trump, I want to express my highest respect”, said the Mexican president, pledging a “frank and open dialogue” with the winning candidate and future American president.

(Obama, on the other hand, proceeded to bash Trump.)

So maybe it was along the lines of Peña Nieto’s expressing respect for both candidates that he decided to tender the invitation.

Anyway, what happened on August 31st is that Donald Trump made a lightning trip to Mexico and raised his presidential profile with the U.S. electorate, while Enrique Peña Nieto wound up getting bashed by political opponents and in the media.

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