MORE POLLS=> TRUMP Leads Clinton Nationally and in Four States… CO +4%, GA +6%, MO +13%, AR +28%, US +2%



The latest Emerson polls were released today and Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton by 2 points nationally and in four states–
Colorado — Georgia — Missouri — Arkansas


Emerson College reported, via Free Republic:


BOSTON, MA – In the first national poll conducted by Emerson College during this general election season, the presidential race is looking like a dead heat, with Donald Trump edging out Hillary Clinton 43% to 41% , well within the poll’s 3.4% margin of error (MOE). Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson holds 9% of the popular vote, and the Green Party’s Jill Stein gets 2% .

Eight in 10 (81% ) of voters surveyed nationally were aware that Clinton was recently diagnosed with pneumonia, a revelation that appears to be hurting her with some voters.

In four state-level polls released at the same time as the national poll, Trump leads by 4 points in Colorado (42% to 38% ), 6 points in Georgia (45% to 39% ), 13 points in Missouri (47% to 34% ) and has a blowout-level lead in Arkansas, 57% to 29% .

U.S. Senate races in three of the four states polled show the incumbents with a solid lead over their challengers. In Arkansas, GOP Senator John Boozman has a 14-point edge over Democrat Conner Eldridge, 44% to 30% . Georgia Republican Johnny Isakson leads Jim Barksdale 48% to 32% , and Colorado’s Democratic incumbent, Michael Bennet is running 7 points ahead of Darryl Glenn, 46% to 39% . Missouri is the exception, with Democrat Jason Kander holding a 2-point edge over GOP incumbent Roy Blunt, 42% to 40% .

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