Obama’s America: Parents Warned Elementary School Has Leprosy Outbreak

Barack Obama is determined to turn America into some third world swamp before he leaves office.
Parents in Jurupa Unified School District in California were notified of a possible leprosy outbreak at the elementary school.

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The Press Enterprise reported:

Jurupa Unified School District officials received an unconfirmed report that two Indian Hills Elementary School students were diagnosed with leprosy, which prompted them to send a letter home to parents Friday, Sept. 2.

Though the information has not been confirmed, said Superintendent Elliott Duchon, school district officials decided to send the letter home as a precaution.

“We wanted parents of the students to know, we wanted to get ahead of any rumors and make sure they had access to ample information,” Duchon said in a phone interview Sunday evening.

Duchon would not say where the report came from, but did clarify that it did not come from a doctor or the Riverside County Department of Health.

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