Obama Slams Trump’s Wall in Final UN Speech… But Paid $75 Million to Build Mexico’s Wall

Barack Obama broke protocol and jabbed Donald Trump at the UN General Assembly.

“Today, a nation ringed by walls would only imprison itself.”

But, once again, a quick Google search shows Barack Obama’s hypocrisy.
Obama is against a Trump border wall on the southern US border but helped pay for Mexico’s border wall with Central America.

The Daily Caller reported:


President Barack Obama has slammed Donald Trump’s proposal to make Mexico pay for a border wall, but his own administration is spending $75 million for border security on Mexico’s southern border.

Since 2013, the Obama administration, through a partnership with the Mexican government known as the Mérida Initiative, has already spent at least $15 million helping Mexico secure its southern border, according to a nonpartisan Congressional Research Service report.

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