BY THE NUMBERS=> Here Is Proof of the Looming Trump Landslide

** Donald Trump leads Hillary Clinton in the latest Reuters poll.
** Trump leads Hillary Clinton by three points in the latest LA Times USC Daybreak poll.
** Trump is tied with Hillary Clinton in the latest IBD-TIPP poll at 39 percent.

If you look at the Real Clear Polling Averages for this year’s presidential race, here is what it looks like today.
Do you notice anything unusual?
election 2016 presidential

Here’s a look at the polling from 4 years ago.
real clear 2012

Do you notice the difference?
Four years ago the undecided voters made up around 5 percent of the electorate.
Everyone else had already made up their mind.

This year anywhere from 10 to 20 percent of voters SAY they have not yet settled on a candidate.

Hillary Clinton is a known quantity.
Americans know she is a corrupt liar.
In fact, “liar and dishonest” are the two most used words to describe Hillary.

The Democrat-media complex hates Trump and his supporters with a passion.
Republican elites hate Trump and his supporters.
Hillary even gave a gave a speech last week on how Trump supporters are racist KKK fans.

Do you really think the undecided voters are looking at Hillary?

This may be the best proof yet of an impending Trump landslide.

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