Nigel Farage: Hillary Clinton a “Truly Horrible Candidate” Quite Frankly the “Worst I’ve Ever Seen”


Nigel Farage went on with Lou Dobbs on Wednesday to discuss the US election. Farage said the climate is exactly like what he saw in Great Britain before the Brexit vote. He also slammed Sick Hillary saying she is the worst candidate he has ever seen.

Nigel Farage: I was always told it was a very good thing in life to be judged by your enemies. If Mrs. Clinton is now one of my avowed sworn enemyI must be doing something right. She represents so much that has gone wrong over the last two decades… She represents a kind of privileged elites that pretends at election time that it represents ordinary folk and their aspirations but is actually about self. So I think that Hillary Clinton is a truly awful candidate frankly I think the worst I’ve ever seen. And if she would win all the same bad old things would just continue.

Via Lou Dobbs:

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