MUST SEE VIDEO=> Billionaire Trump Supporter Dan Peña Goes Off on Profanity-Laced EPIC RANT for Trump


Dan Peña is a Hispanic American billionaire and high-performance business coach, born in Jacksonville, Florida.

Dan is also an outspoken Donald Trump supporter.

Dan Peña recently spoke with London Real about the US presidential race.
Peña says Donald Trump will “rock the planet” as president.

“He will rock, not only the United States of America, he will rock the world… Respect gets respect. Instead of all this political horsesh*t. If Donald Trump becomes president he is going to rock the planet… If you’re in a foxhole, who do you want in a foxhole with you, Brian? You want some mealy-mouth c*nt, politically correct assh*le? Or you want someone who is going to rip their head off and sh*t down their neck?

Dan is obviously a very passionate speaker.
This was GREAT!

It’s SO GOOD I thought it was a spoof at first…

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