It’s a Movement=> Trump “Think Different” Posters Splash Streets of Hollywood


Hollywood, CA September 29, 2016 – Street artists in Hollywood put posters up over night, culture jamming Apples iconic logo with the silhouette of Donald J. Trump instead of the bite, with the words “Think Different”.


The Apple logo, and the slogan (written by Steve Jobs) is one of the most identified brands on the planet.


The posters were photographed in Hollywood at Sunset & Highland, LaBrea & 4th Street, Melrose & Spaulding and adorning the Old Bernie Sanders Headquarters at Johnnies Diner at the corner of Wilshire and Fairfax.


Other posters were spotted torn to shreds near the Sony Motion Picture Studios in Culver City.

The anonymous artists, known only as the “Art Wing Conspiracy” have been operating nationally for years but don’t usually take credit for their work:

“if it’s anti-Progressive and not SABO, it’s probably AWC.”

They have a Twitter feed @artwingcon.

Here are more photos from their Hollywood display on Thursday:




Special Thanks to Mike Cernovich

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