MN Somali Stabber, NYC Afghan Bomber=> Both Foreign Born Islamists

Trump was right…
Both attackers this weekend were born in Muslim terrorist countries.

Afghan immigrant Ahmad Khan Rahami is wanted by authorities in connection to bomb attack in Chelsea. Dahir Adan from Somalia went on a stabbing rampage on Saturday at a St. Cloud mall.

Authorities are searching for Ahmad Khan Rahami in connection with the bombing that took place in Chelsea district in New York City.

The FBI released an alert saying Rahami is armed and dangerous.

Rahami is US naturalized citizen from Afghanistan.
He reportedly has foreign terror connections.

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The Minnesota Somali community was stunned Sunday by the Islamist attack in St. Cloud.
The attacker was identified as Dahir Adan.


ISIS claimed responsibility for the Islamist knife attack.

Dahir Adan was born in Somalia.

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