Minnesota Democrats Sue to Remove Donald Trump from November Ballot

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They will stop at nothing.

The Minnesota Democrats sued this week to get Donald Trump off of the presidential ballot in November.
Democrats say Republicans failed to nominate electors. the people who cast the state’s 10 electoral college votes, according to law.
The Pioneer Press reported:

Minnesota Democrats have sued to get Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s name removed from the state’s general election ballots.

The DFL Party’s Thursday lawsuit claims the Minnesota Republican Party failed to nominate its presidential electors, the people who cast the state’s 10 electoral college votes, in accordance with state law. Keith Downey, the chair of the Minnesota Republican Party, said last month that the party called a special meeting to approve alternative electors because it had previously neglected to do so.

The suit, which was filed directly to the Minnesota Supreme Court, adds a new level of chaos to an already strange election season. It could cause the parties to spend some of the rushed final eight weeks of the election fighting in court, distracting from other campaigning. While the suit is a technical one, if successful, it could affect the entire presidential election.

“It is incumbent upon political parties to follow the rules binding our elections and in this instance it does not appear that the Minnesota Republican Party did so,” said Ken Martin, the chair of the Democratic-Farmer-Labor Party. The DFL said last month that it did not plan to sue over the issue.

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