Hillary’s Nurse Was Pictured Taking Her Pulse at Ground Zero

On Sunday Hillary Clinton collapsed at the Ground Zero Memorial.
She was OUT COLD.
Her entourage dragged her into the van – She left a shoe on the street.

Activist-author Mike Cernovich was one of the first to report on the female aide tending to Hillary before she collapsed on the street.
The mysterious caretaker was seen walking with Hillary from the 9-11 Memorial ceremony.
Hillary left early because she was not feeling well.

Hillary’s handler is seen walking behind the two women.

He later lifted her into the van when she collapsed.
The nurse was standing with Hillary until she went down.

The nurse was seen administering a neurological test on Hillary.

Read more on Hillary’s caretaker here.

On Monday the mainstream media finally reported on the woman seen with Hillary before she collapsed on Sunday.
The Daily Mail reported: “Is this Hillary’s undercover nurse?”

The woman resembles Dr. Lisa Bardack, Hillary’s doctor but is not the same woman.

So now we know Hillary travels with her own healthcare team.
But she’s fine… Healthy as an ox.

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