Mark It Down! Conservative Activist Ed Martin: August 31 Was the Day Donald Trump Was Elected President (VIDEO)

Conservative activist and president of Eagle Forum, Ed Martin, went on The O’Reilly Factor on Thursday to discuss Donald Trump’s meeting in Mexico City with President Nieto and his much acclaimed immigration speech in Phoenix, Arizona.

nieto trump

Martin called August 31, 2016, the day Donald Trump was elected president!

This was great!
The left is having such a hard time with Donald Trump.


Richard Trumpka, who is supposed to be speaking for American union members, panned Trump’s pro-American speech. obviously, Trumpka is not concerned about the millions of union jobs that have been lost to Mexico and China.

Ed Martin: Every time Donald Trump dominates the name-calling starts… Yesterday, August 31, will mark the day in history when Trump became president. And the reason is because he did two things in one day. He looked like a serious man, a president, who went down there and spoke like a serious leader. Hillary is hiding out. She hasn’t responded to the request. And he came and laid out a ten point plan.

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